Saturday, May 17, 2008

Project Reorganization

  • Added WCF Security Best Practices
  • Finished my bullet points or "elevator speech" for the OWASP .NET Project
  • Finished my OWASP .NET Project slides for OWASP Europe Keynote
  • Finished OWASP .NET Project presentation
  • Added / Updated OWASP .NET Content

Media Outreach
  • OWASP .NET Project mentioned at ASPNetPro, in Open Source Security
  • I've had a few people contact me or Paulo Coimbra who are interested in contributing to the project.
  • I'm selectively e-mailing people about the project, letting them know that it's around and what we're up to.

This week's plan
  • I'll be in Ghent, Belgium for the OWASP European Conference. I'm on stage for the OWASP Tour keynote presented by Dinis Cruz (I have a couple of slides).
  • I'll write some stuff for the .NET Security for Penetration Testing pages.
  • I will reach out to the people at the following print magazines, Homeland Defense, ISSA, MSDN Magazine and Code magazine. Maybe they're interested in the project or an article.