Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here’s the tentative schedule I have for my stab at the ORG2 project:

  1. August 2010 – Prototyping, Envisioning, Backlog
    Using Flex 4, I’ve developed a capability app to make sure that the features I want to deliver are possible.  I have been able to preview PDF’s, generate PDFs from XML based templates, read log files and a few other high priority ideas.  There are a few more exploratory ideas that I need to prototype, e.g. drag and drop report design to export to XML.  Then I will revise my UI envision, throw anything that cannot be done quickly but is not mission critical into the backlog and get cranking on the Shell.
  2. September 2010 – Shell Development Phase 1, release to select OWASP folks for initial impressions.
    Get a Shell out for look and feel.  Get it set up to work with a provider model.
  3. October 2010 – Provider Development Phase 1
    Start to convert the original ORG stuff.
  4. November 2010 – Community Preview, Open up development to contributors
    Depending on our progress in the previous 3 sprints, open up to the public and start a feedback loop (and contribution loop)
  5. December 2010 – Alpha Release, KB/Training materials
    When we have something is usable, start the promotion cycle.

Stay tuned!